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Mrs. Keena is an university-degreed (accounting, public policy, and management) professional who has served in both the public and private sectors. As an Advocate for at-risk youth awareness, she has volunteered in many youth related projects throughout . . .


Diva of the Community Zumbanation Jenny Osoria

Jenny Osoria has dedicated her personal time to training the women and girls of all ages who attends’s ‘Teens Zumba’ fitness workshop. The teens love Ms. Osoria–and we’re certain you and your family will too. Visit her website for a full schedule of her Zumba classes at Zumbanation



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Zumba Fitness Training ZumbanationJenny Osoria is a fitness instructor that adds punch to her work out regimes. She works with clients with different workout regimes whether its strength training, or cardio, the method to her madness is fueled by her passion to live out loud through dance, music and motion!

Her passion for fitness and nutrition comes from her lifestyle, she’s truly the kind who practices what she preaches. As a fitness expert, Jenny first started at Bally’s Total Fitness, her classes were one of the first of its kind to be added to the Bally’s work out schedule. The classes were immediately in demand, there was never an extra seat, classes reached full capacity each session.

They became so popular that Bally’s increased their membership fee, because of the value Jenny’s classes added to it’s members.
As a fitness expert Jenny is not confined to one method of working out, she’s a jack of all trades, she’s Zumba certified and has brought the Zumba Nation obsession to the DMV area.

She has also designed carefully choreographed her own dance workouts, altering, changing and constantly innovating the fitness experience for her clients. That is what makes Jenny O Fitness what it is today, the specific attention her and her staff give to their clients and their one-on-one care and support for the well being of their clients.

Jenny continues to innovate fitness, she has recently given life to Danzatone Fitness LLC, a Jenny O Fitness affiliate that lives by the philosophy that Jenny has always pushed, living out loud.

Danzatone is a revolutionary method of working out in three different dance styles. This idea was born when Jenny began teaching her Zumba classes in night clubs, in broad day light, adding an edgy yet exciting element to her work outs. Her clients loved the idea, they embraced it, they felt like they were in a night club, in stead of a cardio workout class. By changing this one element, Jenny revolutionized the way people get in shape. She got her clients excited about working out in a night club, suddenly the blood got flowing and her students got pumped, most importantly they got healthy and in shape!

Most fitness instructors will admit that getting their clients excited about exercise is the biggest challenge, for Jenny it’s a piece of cake! Getting them excited is easy because she is consistently innovating and changing the fitness experience, making Jenny O Fitness in-comparable.

While consistently challenging her clients to push themselves to the next level, Jenny challenges herself as well. She uses her talents to help her community. Jenny maybe a fitness warrior, but she’s philanthropist first. She uses her fitness classes as a tool for fundraising and awareness for charitable causes.

The first dance fundraiser class she held was for the Katrina Relief Fund. Recently, she continued her efforts by having a dance class to raise funds for Alejandro Corazon, helping children in Colombia. She continues to give back to her community and those in need, through her passion for dance and fitness.


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Our Mission provides a place which allows women and girls of all ages the opportunity to speak out about issues; and as a result, we provide the solution. The mission of the organization is to encourage, educate, and equip women and girls of all ages in communities with the techniques to achieve education, leadership, and success.


Diva of the Community

Jenny Osoria has dedicated her free-time to training at-risk youth who attends’s ‘Teens Zumba’ fitness workshop. The teens love Ms. Osoria–and we are certain you and your family will too. Visit her website for a full schedule of her Zumba classes.