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Mrs. Keena is an university-degreed (accounting, public policy, and management) professional who has served in both the public and private sectors. As an Advocate for at-risk youth awareness, she has volunteered in many youth related projects throughout . . .


Keena E.

CEO Founder

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Q&A with Mrs. Keena E., who sat down with Minister Evelyn A., CEO/Founder of Hurting Women & Men Healing Ministries and *S.Y.T. Gospel News Magazine to share her testimony with YOU!

Minister Evelyn A.: So, we’re happy to have this opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your new endeavors. Well, before we go into depth about endeavors, I want to ask you a personal question.  You’re always questioned about your accent, where are you from?

Keena E.: It’s a pleasure to be here. I find this question rather amusing: Yes, I am always questioned about my “accent”. I am actually a bona fide Washingtonian, but my dad is from a Southern state. ‚ I spent most of my summers there during the adolescent years of my life.


Minister Evelyn A.: Why develop

Keena E.: When I heard about how many at-risk youth in the District of Columbia community were victims of abuse, violence, and neglect, I was shocked and saddened–and knew it was my calling to react. During the  adolescent years of my life, my family and friends referred to me as Diva. So, I took that name and ran with it. (Smile) My definition of the term ‘Diva’ is different. I felt in order for women and girls of all ages to reach their full potential, one must abide by certain moral codes. Therefore, I created an acronym that one would remember -Divine, Intellectual, Virtuous Ambitious, Sisters. In turn, regardless of one’s ethical origin, social status/class, or demeanor towards life, all women and girls are united as one.  Overtime, I started to discover the need to rescue at-risk females, who I discovered being abused (verbally, physically, mentally, or etc.) or needed assistance in balancing life–I knew I had to raise awareness, and take on the challenge to resolve these issues.


Minister Evelyn A.: Anything you want to say to your competitors?

Keena E.: Well, promotes unity amongst women and girls in communities around the world. ‚ I personally explore other cultures. In fact,‚ as a CEO, I believe it is vital. Furthermore, I’ve always built unstated relationships with every individual I have encountered–I think that fact influences’s relationships, also. As for competitors, has never considered other organizations as competitors. When the phrase ’cause-based organization’ comes to mind, I visualize the big picture, which includes all organizations working together to achieve a common goal–and that goal is to encourage and empower women and girls of all ages.


Minister Evelyn A.: Has ever considered expanding its programs and workshops to developing countries?

Keena E.: Certainly, our goal is to help those who are in need, regardless of their location. In point of fact, we extend our services through special projects internationally–that within itself explains our open door policy to diversity and devotion for other cultures.


Minister Evelyn A.: If I were to ask one of your close-knit associates to describe you in one word, what word do you think he/she would use?

Keena E.: One would likely describe me as motivated.


Minister Evelyn A.: Motivated? Interesting. Speaking of which, you are pursuing a career in Accountancy, how does it help you as the CEO/Founder of And what other career path would you have taken if you were not pursing an accounting career?

Keena E.: Yes, I am pursuing an accounting career. I’ve always had the passion for numbers.‚ Accounting has helped me in an array of areas in my life–both, personally and professionally. ‚ Accounting is a discipline which encourages one to behave ethically,‚ accept accountability, and possess integrity.

If I were not pursing a career in accounting, I would have likely pursued a career in Public Administration serving in Office. Thus, what matters most to me is my ability to help others.


Minister Evelyn A.: What is your vision of a perfect society?

Keena E.: My vision of a perfect society is unity.‚ I believe in being loyal and accomplishing the impossible, together!

Keena E.:‚ D.I.V.A.S., I hope you all have learned more about me. If not, please feel free to contact me via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Our Mission provides a place which allows women and girls of all ages the opportunity to speak out about issues; and as a result, we provide the solution. The mission of the organization is to encourage, educate, and equip women and girls of all ages in communities with the techniques to achieve education, leadership, and success.


Diva of the Community

Jenny Osoria has dedicated her free-time to training at-risk youth who attends’s ‘Teens Zumba’ fitness workshop. The teens love Ms. Osoria–and we are certain you and your family will too. Visit her website for a full schedule of her Zumba classes.