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Mrs. Keena is an university-degreed (accounting, public policy, and management) professional who has served in both the public and private sectors. As an Advocate for at-risk youth awareness, she has volunteered in many youth related projects throughout . . .


About Us

DC, MD, VA youth camps


Our organization provides a safe environment for women and girls of all ages the opportunity to speak out about issues and goals; and as a result, we will provide a solution through activities and discussions.  When the D.I.V.A.S.  at are assigned a task, problems are solved and communities improve. That is because we are dedicated and‚ reliable–whether with children who need school supplies; teenagers who need clothes; or seniors who do not have a ride to their doctor’s office–we meet every humanitarian need.



The mission of the organization is to encourage, educate, and equip women and girls of all ages in the communities around the world with the techniques to achieve education, leadership, and success.

** offers its services to women and girls of all ages around the world.

Youth Services (Ages 5-24)

The lives of our youth has been of great concern.‚  For this reason, ultimate goal is to empower our great percentage of undetermined youth; who we envision as our future.

There are several programs available to the youth in communities around the world, yet, the increasing statistics of violence, low graduation rates, and increased teen pregnancy occurrences continue to affect our‚ youth. concluded that these behaviors are due to a lack of reliable resources. To help prevent a further increase in our youth being affiliated with unfortunate circumstances, we offer specially designed workshops. **These workshops are specifically designed to empower girls of all ages. More specifically, the organization workshops are FREE pre/custom-designed, and are held between 2-8 weeks. In addition, provides community outreach, and a radio show by means of our website.


Adult Services (Ages 25+)

Many women around the world have expressed the need to balance their lifestyle. As a result, has designed FREE workshops to assist in finding a solution to overcome this obstacle. We believe that every woman need a little support at some point and our workshops  are a great environment for women around the world to gather and create a fun, informative support system. We provide several workshops where women discuss family matters (i.e., dating, marriage, and children), jobs/careers, education, financial planning, and health/lifestyle. If you have a unique situation you would like to discuss, whether amongst other D.I.V.A.S. or individually, we will design a step-by-step experience just for you!

*For more information regarding our “ParentTalk” workshop, please call 800-385-7590.


**For specific workshop information, please click on the links under the Programs/Workshops section on the left.

We look forward to serving women and girls of all ages from around the world!

Our Mission provides a place which allows women and girls of all ages the opportunity to speak out about issues; and as a result, we provide the solution. The mission of the organization is to encourage, educate, and equip women and girls of all ages in communities with the techniques to achieve education, leadership, and success.


Diva of the Community

Jenny Osoria has dedicated her free-time to training at-risk youth who attends’s ‘Teens Zumba’ fitness workshop. The teens love Ms. Osoria–and we are certain you and your family will too. Visit her website for a full schedule of her Zumba classes.