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Mrs. Keena is an university-degreed (accounting, public policy, and management) professional who has served in both the public and private sectors. As an Advocate for at-risk youth awareness, she has volunteered in many youth related projects throughout . . .



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What We Do: Welcome to‚ where experts come together to assist women and girls of all ages with finding the Divine, Intellectual, Virtuous, Ambitious person within!

Our Mission: The mission of is to encourage, educate and equip women and girls of all ages in communities with the techniques to achieve education, leadership and success. For this reason, we have created workshops and activities to fit each DIVA in her own unique way. We also have workshops allowing parents to gain/sustain a positive connection with their teen(s).

We Offer Youth and Adult Activities:

Academic Tutoring Sessions: Homework help, college preparation and exam preparation. Weekend Gatherings: Organic Pizza Party, games and group discussions. Life Skill Classes: Cooking healthy foods, decorating and more. Trips: We will participate in fun, educational adventures.

**All activities are FREE for *members; unless noted otherwise.

Our Mission provides a place which allows women and girls of all ages the opportunity to speak out about issues; and as a result, we provide the solution. The mission of the organization is to encourage, educate, and equip women and girls of all ages in communities with the techniques to achieve education, leadership, and success.


Diva of the Community

Jenny Osoria has dedicated her free-time to training at-risk youth who attends’s ‘Teens Zumba’ fitness workshop. The teens love Ms. Osoria–and we are certain you and your family will too. Visit her website for a full schedule of her Zumba classes.